We’ve all met *that* designer. The one who fits a stereotype so well, it’s like it was written for them. The hipster, the file-organizing junkie, the all-powerful creative director—they are unapologetic about what they love and are unabashedly themselves. And we think that’s awesome.

These type of designers tend to stick together in a 'pack'. This behavior is so instinctual, it dates back to the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We thought to ourselves, what if designers and dinosaurs were one and the same? We let our imaginations run amuck and envisioned what they might look like, and Lightboard’s resident Desillustrator Hipsterus gave life to these creative creatures.

Designer + dinosaur = designosaur  🦖🦕

Desillustrator Hipsterus

The Desillustrator Hipsterus is the most *underground* of all the designosaurs. This designo thrives off finding the newest, coolest Photoshop & Procreate brushes before anyone else does. In their free time, you can find them scribbling portraits at herbivore coffee shops. At work, you can find them doing pretty much the same.

You can spot the Desillustrator Hipsterus by their distinctive turtleneck and oversized glasses.


The Creativus Directerous Rex, better known as the CD-Rex, is the dominant designosaur among the Jurassic Reptilia class. They are the top predator, and are the ultimate menace to any designos that may threaten the vision or brand. Although the CD-Rex is the fiercest protector and visionary of the brand, their small arms are not great for designing and they must rely on smaller designos for execution.

You can spot the CD-Rex by its willingness to go into head-to-head battle with senior Execosaurs, and other Director-Rexes.


Specosauruses can typically be found in diverse roaming herds of UI/UXosaurs, poised and ready to lend their expertise to anyone who does (and doesn’t) ask. They’re your pixel-perfect, by-the-brand-book designo.

You can spot a Specosaurus by their long neck extending over the cubicle wall to take a peak at your monitor.


The Friendosaur isn't a formally trained designo, but tries to learn by osmosis while hiding in herds of marketosaurs and content-rexes. While their designo friends were at art school, they were getting their degree from Prehistoric University (gooooo fossils! 📣). These can-do-dinos are always willing to lend a helping hand on a project or presentation.

You can spot the Friendosaur by their upbeat personality and their affinity for emojis and GIFs.


Want to take these creative creatures home with you? Add these custom emojis to Slack to assert your dominance as the coolest designo in the office.