What Are Memberships?

Memberships are packages of hours, purchased in advance and used over a period of time. We sell our Memberships in increments of 25 hours per month, which is typically the equivalent of a part-time design resource for a small marketing team.

In addition to a significantly discounted hourly rate, Memberships allow our design team to efficiently utilize your hours to give you the most effective use of your budget.

1x Quarterly

75 design hours

Best for:
- Brand refresh
- Websites
- Multi-person teams


$90/hr (Save $3,150)

1x Monthly

25 design hours

Best for:
- Single large project
- Display ads
- Single-person teams


$110/hr (Save $375)

🚨Limited Time Offer: Double Your Duration🚨

Purchase a Membership before January 10th, 2020 and we'll give you twice as long to use your hours.

Quarterly memberships expire June 30th, 2020—an additional three months. Monthly memberships expire March 31, 2020—an additional two months.

Membership payments are paid in full upon start of the contract. Hours rollover at contract renewal, up to 50% of the total hours in the contract. Our Studio rate, for non-Membership projects, is $125/hr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we often hear about Memberships.

What are Memberships?

Memberships are a dedicated design resource for marketing teams, letting you plan and reliably execute marketing projects with our team of project managers and designers. Memberships can scale from a fractional designer to the equivalent of an entire design team.

Who works on my projects?

Lightboard's design team is entirely U.S. based. We have designers, illustrators, animators, and web developers. They're managed by veteran project managers, who coordinate our team to deliver effective and reliable design.

How do I request a project?

Anyone in your team can fill out a project request through our website. You'll fill out a brief, add reference material, and submit the project. Your account manager will review the brief, follow up or call with any questions, then assign it to a designer. You'll receive notifications at every step, and you can chat with your design team through our platform.

What is your turnaround time?

We usually turnaround projects in 3-5 business days. In special cases, we can deliver small projects same day. We start a designer within one business day of project submission, and address change requests the same or next business day.

How many revisions do I get?

With memberships, there are no limits to revisions. We'll keep working until you're delighted.

Do I get the working files?

Yes, we deliver the working files at the end of every project (i.e. editable Photoshop, packaged InDesign, etc.).

What if I have a very large project?

Your account manager will work with you to break up your project into smaller pieces we can move through your queue. While not every large project is appropriate for Lightboard, we can usually accommodate them with planning and coordination.

How do I work with my team?

Your account manager is available by phone or email Monday-Friday during Lightboard business hours (9:30AM-5:30PM PT). You can chat with your design team anytime through our platform.

Do I work with the same designer?

You will have a dedicated account manager who will coordinate all of your projects. S/he will ensure your projects are consistent, and pull designers from across our network to find the best skillset for each project. You will have a design lead to ensure consistency across your projects.

Will my team understand my brand?

You'll keep working with the same people at Lighjtboard, and it's our job to learn your brand and your working style to ensure projects flow smoothly.

Can I pay per project?

Memberships are the most cost-effective way to work with Lightboard, but we do offer hourly pricing for customers with infrequent design needs.

How do I pay?

You can pay via ACH, wire, direct deposito, or credit card. We accept payment by check for quarterly or larger memberships. In all cases we do not start work until payment is received.

How do I know if a project is right for my Lightboard team?

We've completed thousands of projects for marketing teams. We specialized in digital, web, and print. Anything that you need to support your marketing and sales teams, we should be able to deliver. When in doubt, ask your account manager.

How does Lightboard compare to working with an agency?

With Lightboard, you get the kind of attention and service you'd only get from an agency if you were paying millions of dollars. We've built Lightboard around handling small projects, and scaling with our customers. We can start work on your projects same day, and your dedicated account manager is always available to you. Lightboard has best-in-class project management software that gives you a complete dashboard of your open and completed projects.

How does Lightboard compare to working with a freelancer?

With a membership, you have a dedicated project manager who has a huge network of designers at his or her fingertips. We'll always have a designer ready to start on your project—and you'll rest easy knowing we'll deliver quality results every time. And if you need to double or triple your capacity, we can scale with you.