One-click Photoshop Magic Tricks

If content is king, great visuals are the crown. And as a marketer, sometimes the task of creating visual content falls to you. Even if you aren’t a trained designer, you’re still expected to slap together display ads, social media graphics, and hero images at a moment’s notice. And let’s be honest, learning Photoshop is hard.... Read Post

Get your marketing moving with GIFs

(P.S. if you say JIF you're just downright wrong.) Let’s talk about the kitten elephant in the room. GIFs. They’re everywhere. Blogs. Emails. Texts. But should they be in your marketing material? You’ve seen brands use GIFs for a while. Maybe you’ve even considered using them in your own marketing content, but just don’t... Read Post

How to Manage Your Brand Like Beyoncé

A strong brand differentiates a company from the crowd. When you’re building or maintaining a brand, who should you look to for advice? Take a few cues from Beyoncé. Yes, Beyoncé. Adopting tactics Madonna established, Queen B has masterfully tweaked her image over time to shape and reflect the direction of her career. And she’s taken a bold... Read Post

Launch Landing Pages Like a Boss

You know those Silicon Valley unicorns that launched with a single landing page and broke the internet–with only a product prototype? Yeah, must be nice. That’s probably not going to happen to you (but if you have equity at that unicorn, congrats!). When you’re creating a landing page, you’re more likely to have a seasonal campaign,... Read Post

Getting Started with HTML Email Templates

Designing email campaigns can feel like an adventure–and not always the fun kind. No, sometimes you’re Gandalf fighting the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm (Tolkien references end here, I promise). The good news is that you're not alone, and have a number of paths you can choose. Your options? Drag-and-drop email builders. Tweaking existing HTML templates. Coding... Read Post

A quick guide to writing awesome emails

Marketing emails are standard practice for keeping in touch with customers. But if you’re like me, your inbox is overstuffed with dozens (ok, hundreds thousands) of unread emails. In this age of email saturation, how do you design an email that knocks readers’ socks off? Or, if you’re selling socks, puts socks on’em? In this post, we’... Read Post

Design pitfalls and how to avoid them.

We mess up. Not every project we ship is perfect. As the co-founder of Lightboard it pains me to admit it. In 2017 we completed a few thousand projects. The overwhelming majority finished with great work and happy customers–and that's what we usually talk about. But today we're going to talk about the projects that didn't go well. Even... Read Post

Pearls of wisdom from the father of advertising

What can a 38-year-old failed farmer with no marketing experience teach us about ad copy? As it turns out, quite a lot. If you aren’t already familiar, let us introduce you to David Ogilvy: a former cook, stove salesman, Gallup pollster, and diplomat. Over the course of a half-century, Ogilvy left a dramatic mark on the world of advertisement,... Read Post

PowerPoint Themes: Two minute cheat sheet

PowerPoint presentations are the first tool in every sales and marketing team's toolbox, and you've spent a lot of time and money building your brand. Don't let an off-brand presentation ruin it. Here's how a brand can break down: your marketing team rolls out a full brand refresh. Everyone loves it. Time moves on, and your sales team needs to... Read Post

Branding: Beyond The Logo

As marketers, we’re fighting for our audience’s attention. We have to create great content and make sure people actually see it—while our audience is drowning in a sea of other content competing for the same attention span. How can we succeed when we’re fighting for fragments of attention? Play to your strengths. Well, our strengths. As... Read Post