How to do a Great Case Study Interview

Let your customers do the convincing. You know your product is great. Your current customers know your product is great. But how do you convince your potential customers that your product is great, too? Let your customers become your cheerleaders with a great case study. Showcase your product in a real-world setting, and share the positive outcomes you bring to... Read Post

How to Design a Great Presentation Cover Page

A cover page is a quick and easy way to add polish to your presentation. We'll cover a few tips for creating a great cover image, and we've got ten free PowerPoint cover image templates you can download at the bottom of the page. The cover image sets the tone for your presentation—you don't want to dive right... Read Post

Give and Take of Creative Relationships

First, a lesson on time vs budget My first Creative Director, a tattooed Yankees fan with a knack for all things design-ey, once gave me a piece of advice that I still refer to each day. We had been discussing the amount of hours that needed to be allocated for two different projects. Client A was an internationally recognized consumer... Read Post

How to give feedback to a designer

Communication is a huge component of the design process. Designers depend on you, the client, to communicate your vision for a project—and, most importantly, to give them feedback once you see the design in progress. Without feedback and an open line of communication, the designer is working in the dark. Nuances might be misinterpreted and a non-response might be... Read Post

Iterating on a design: it gets better with feedback

Wahoo! Let’s talk about feedback! This can be a hairy area for both the designer and the client. As a designer, we're expecting the worst—but secretly hoping for a quick "Approved!" As a client, sometimes you don't even know where to begin. Colors? Fonts? The ill-fitting power suit in the boardroom stock photo? My solution to this... Read Post

Finding the right look

They've been called many things: inspiration boards, look & feel trajectories, lookbooks, moodboards. There are platforms dedicated to them (Pinterest) and a million different tools and techniques to create them. Regardless, their purpose is irreplaceable in the world of design. When starting a design project, we sometimes have brand guidelines (or a Style Guide) already in place that a designer... Read Post

Getting the details right in a Creative Brief

When you hire anyone to do a project for you, getting the details right is important. And that’s especially true when you have a creative idea that you want someone to make a reality. You need to be able to communicate those ideas in a way that a contractor can understand because when you get the details right from... Read Post

Brevity Is the Key To Winning Marketing Communication

When you're marketing your product to your audience, it's a common instinct to overshare. It's easy to understand why—you've spent forever working on making your product great, right, and you want to make sure your audience knows all the awesome, geewhiz things it can do: every feature, benefit and great thing anyone has ever said about it. Stop. You... Read Post

Powerpoint Design Basics

Presentations are crucial in the world of marketing. You need to be able to sell your idea or convey complex data in a meaningful way, uphold the brand standards, keep everyone interested, and have fun, too. Creating a Powerpoint or Keynote may seem like an easy task at first (just kidding—nobody ever wants to open Powerpoint), but how... Read Post