Powerpoint Design Basics

Presentations are crucial in the world of marketing. You need to be able to sell your idea or convey complex data in a meaningful way, uphold the brand standards, keep everyone interested, and have fun, too. Creating a Powerpoint or Keynote may seem like an easy task at first (just kidding—nobody ever wants to open Powerpoint), but how... Read Post

6 Things to Think About When Choosing Stock Photography

Finding the right stock photo can be difficult—and it can make or break your project. Back in the day—before stock photography was commonplace—photographers worked closely with marketing teams to capture the perfect images for a campaign. Today, it's just not feasible to do a custom photo shoot for a project as small as a... Read Post

Understanding Customer Feedback for Designers

Design is for people. It is because of those four words that I have learned to embrace a step in the design process that a lot of us dread: feedback. This step can feel like a never-ending cycle of design, iterate, design, iterate, design and iterate. Maybe you’re a designer that has 15 versions of a final design. Sometimes... Read Post

Ghost Social Homepage

One of the best ways to promote your company is through your website's homepage. It provides a site visitor with a quick look into who you are and what your all about. It also highlights the visual language of your brand and sets the tone for the rest of the site. When we approached the Ghost Social homepage redesign, we... Read Post

Learn Graphic Design: Five Great Books

A few weeks ago we ran this image as a joke on Facebook: Between these two books, we've learned the entire sum of all design knowledge. To our surprise, our readers started asking us where they could buy "Everything They Teach In Design School" and "What They Don't Teach You In Design School." The problem? They don't exist—we... Read Post

eMeals Product Illustration

eMeals' three-step service helps you plan weekly meals, create your shopping list and budget, and prepare each meal using healthy recipes for the whole family. We made custom illustrations for eMeals' website to quickly explain to their customers how the service works. Most custom illustration projects begin with a discovery exercise where we provide a wide range of illustrations examples... Read Post

WaffleBot Mascot Illustration

Waffle.io makes project management painless for engineers by allowing them to create Kanban boards on top of Github Issues and Pull Requests. The charming robot behind the scenes is the WaffleBot—and we're proud to have worked with Megan and the Waffle marketing team to bring it to life. Inspiration Github's OctoCat was definitely an inspiration for this... Read Post

Flexport Thank You Cards

Flexport is one of our favorite customers, and as they've grown over the last year we've helped them with a ton of fun projects—custom illustration for everything from t-shirts to wall murals to a pop-a-shot for CES. With this project, we design Thank You cards for the Flexport team to send internally in 2017. It's a great idea.... Read Post

Monumetric Product Icons

If you've ever clicked through page after page of stock icons trying to find the perfect one—and ended up frustrated—you're not alone. Stock icons are cost-effective but rarely match the vision you have for your brand. How do you end the frustration? Custom icon illustration. From Lightboard, of course :) Working with the Monumetrics team, we created... Read Post

Ghost Social Illustrations

Meet Frank, the face of Ghost Social and inspiration for the illustrations we created while designing their new homepage. Each image represents their social media marketing services and play a major role in the overall look of the site. Most illustration projects begin with a discovery phase and includes pulling together reference images for style and color treatment. In this... Read Post