Branding: Beyond The Logo

As marketers, we’re fighting for our audience’s attention. We have to create great content and make sure people actually see it—while our audience is drowning in a sea of other content competing for the same attention span. How can we succeed when we’re fighting for fragments of attention? Play to your strengths. Well, our strengths. As... Read Post

Seattle Mayoral Candidates Ranked by Logo Design

Today is the primary election for Seattle's mayor. The unexpected dropout of the current mayor created an unusually large field of candidates—and has crowded Seattle's street corners with yard signs. Politics aside, most of the candidates' design is pretty mediocre. As with anything Seattle, there are variations on the Seahawks/Sounders blue/turquoise combo, and more weird renderings... Read Post

Unexpected Free Stock Photo Sites for your Marketing Projects

At Lightboard we live and breathe marketing design, and that means we’ve spent hours sifting through cheesy, expensive, and not-so-great stock photography to find the diamonds in the rough—authentic, fresh stock photos. That’s why we’ve decided to share some of our favorite under the radar resources for free, amazing stock photos. Sure, Pexels and Unsplash... Read Post

Why hire a professional PowerPoint designer?

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations are ubiquitous in today’s world. Chances are you’ve already created a ton of them yourself. So why hire a professional presentation designer? We've outlined some of the biggest reasons that customers come to us for professional presentation design. Save money It may seem counter-intuitive that hiring a designer could save you money, but a... Read Post

How to do a Great Case Study Interview

Let your customers do the convincing. You know your product is great. Your current customers know your product is great. But how do you convince your potential customers that your product is great, too? Let your customers become your cheerleaders with a great case study. Showcase your product in a real-world setting, and share the positive outcomes you bring to... Read Post

Encourage Action Using CTAs

Every piece of content you put out is part of a customer journey. You’re building brand awareness with blog posts, educating with slides decks, persuading to buy with how-to videos, and retaining clients with nurturing emails. But none of this is worth its salt if you’re not incorporating calls to action that convert. Conversion means a lot of... Read Post

What to Include in a Killer Sales Presentation

It’s a given that your sales presentation should have a professional aesthetic that matches your branding. But aside from the looks and the benefits, what else do you need to include? We’ve designed (and given!) countless sales presentations, here’s what we’ve learned has the most success when it comes to closing the deal. The Background Every... Read Post

How to Structure a Case Study that Converts

Case studies are the perfect way to showcase your services for prospective clients—and help build authority in your industry. But there’s a certain art to putting them together. It’s not enough to simply slap together an article for your website; case studies have a definite structure that lend themselves to telling your success story in a... Read Post