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Creating More Brand Awareness

TechSmith's suite of screen capture software helps customers create professional, high-quality videos and images for faster, more engaging communication sharing.

TechSmith partners with Lightboard to generate batches of display ads, hundreds of units at a time.

Founded in 1987, TechSmith pioneered the revolutionary idea of capturing screen content for better communication. Today, TechSmith is internationally recognized as a leading source for visual communication software. Professionals use TechSmith software to show off a product, teach a course, train others, and instantly start communicating more effectively.

Business Need

With multiple products to advertise for audiences across the globe, TechSmith needs a design partner who can produce hundreds of ad units quickly and efficiently to spread brand awareness.

TechSmith brand display ad campaign in leaderboard, skyscraper, and large rectangle sizes.

Strategy and Measurement Plan

Lightboard worked in partnership with TechSmith to design and execute their display ad strategy. We created high-volume to achieve TechSmith's goals:

  • Appeal to high interest targets
  • Drive sign-ups for free product trials
  • Find and connecting with quality leads at greater scale

Path to Success

TechSmith's high interest targets are instructional designers, e-course educators, and corporate training professionals who need better tools for sharing knowledge. We created a wide variety of display ads so the campaign could target each of these groups.

In this display ad set, we explored using more traditional business images to attract professionals.
In this set, we chose more playful images, vibrant colors, and supporting play-on-words descriptions to test whether these ads were more engaging.

Translated to scale internationally

When working with large ad sets, translating ad copy can be a tedious and time consuming task. Lightboard saved TechSmith time and design resources by updating the copy on hundreds of display ads for their international campaigns.

TechSmith's display ad campaign for Snagit in English, French, and German.

Design Iterations

We created an alternative set of translated display ads for additional audience testing. From the playful display ad set, the eye-catching, vibrant green ads resulted in higher conversions. The additional translated display ads are useful for additional testing for TechSmith's international customers.

Testing a vibrant green background color to beat 'banner-blindness' in TechSmith's display ad campaign for Camtasia, in English, French, and German.

A Trusted Design Partner

High Volume

TechSmith needed to roll out hundreds of display ad campaigns to further test their products in international markets. Lightboard was a great solution for TechSmith because we could take their campaign goals and design direction and turnaround hundreds of display ads quickly and efficiently.

100% Brand Assurance

The display ad sets needed to feature TechSmith's many screen capture products in unique ways. The close partnership between TechSmith and Lightboard ensured our teams collaborated on maintaining brand assurance while experimenting with ad campaigns for international audiences.

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