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Who's a good fit? We usually work with B2B marketing teams at small to medium companies. We're great at print, web, illustration, and ads.

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Why Lightboard?

Marketing design, on-demand.

Experienced designers and account managers, powered by our own world-class collaboration software—just a click away.

Always available, always awesome.

We're fast. We start design within a business day and are finished before your last agency would have even started.

Need an illustrator for one project and an animator for the next? Need a web developer and a print expert? No problem. We always have the right person for the project.

Project management...for free

Every customer has a dedicated account manager. That's someone who understands your brand and workflow, and makes sure every project is smooth and efficient.

We become part of your team, giving you time to focus on the millions of other important things on your plate.

Simple Pricing

With our Memberships we offer flat, monthly pricing at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time designer.

Our account managers work with you to plan your month, quarter, or year of projects, and then work hand-in-hand with your team to deliver efficiently and cost-effectively.

See the difference design makes.

Great design begins with a conversation. Once we understand what you'd like to see, we can take any raw material–a Word document, an outline or just a thumbnail sketch–and turn it into a finished product.

Spice up a Sales Deck

Turn an everyday slide into something remarkable.

Transform an Idea into a Custom Illustration

Illustration that sets your brand apart.

A Brand Makeover

Refresh your entire brand–from logo to website.





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